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Auburn has wanted to be in the beauty industry for as long as she can remember. From an early age she found her passion in hair and beauty and is naturally a very creative person.
Whether its creating a transformational look or maintaining a style that her guests love, she feels great purpose in helping her clients express themselves through their hair. 

Auburn loves to create looks that make her clients radiate confidence which is why she specializes in blonding, balayage and makeup.
Auburn values education and is always inspired to continuously perfect her craft in order to stay on top of new techniques. In her free time, she loves taking classes to keep her skills sharp and experiment with makeup to stay on top of trends.
When she's not in the salon, you can find her soaking up the sunshine at the beach, relaxing with friends & family, or snuggling with her mini goldendoodle, Willow!


Evo's The Great Hydrator because it makes your hair feel like you just got it done every time you use it!

I love creating dimension for my clients with custom color & extensions.

Always a Vanilla Latte with half the syrup because I like it sweet but not too sweet!

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